Thursday, May 4, 2017

Glisten & Glow - Eleanor Roosevelt {The Holo Hookup Exclusive}

This is such an interesting nail polish! It reminds me of American currency and also fish. That doesn't sound appealing but it really is fantastic. Unlike anything I have ever seen.

The March Holo Hookup Box was inspired by women who have been memorialized on US stamps, like Eleanor Roosevelt. It's so interesting how current events can influence every part of pop culture, art, and products. Feminism and women have been having their 15 minutes lately and, all thoughts about that aside, I'm digging the women-power inspired nail polishes.

Eleanor Roosevelt is a silvery teal green with a strong linear holographic effect and purple/blue shifting flakes and red holo glitter. I am wearing 2 coats plus top coat. 

It was hard to capture this one but I think I did a pretty good job (*pats self on back*). I am excited to try this again because it's outside my comfort zone but the amazing formula and finish have me eager to wear it once more.

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